Mitten Crate


Giving the Gift of Michigan


What started out in 2013 as a monthly subscription box for foodies looking to explore Michigan-made products is now a full-blown Michigan-made gift box company in Detroit that caters to both people shipping gifts cross country to large-scale corporate gift programs.

“We owe our growth to proud Michiganders that have continued to support us and our mission to give the gift of Michigan,” says Cory Wright, Chief Gifting Guru & Founder. “We try to make it as easy as possible to send a gift of the Mitten State anywhere in the country, and have customers and recipients in all 50 states. For us at Mitten Crate, we value the community of Michigan, as a whole, as our main indicator of success. We work with over 100 small businesses all over the state, and really lean into the ‘rising tides raise all ships’ mentality when it comes to success.”

“We have watched dozens of businesses grow over the years, and since we try our hardest to be a part of each business’s success through the sales of their products through our company, our success is measured by the collective achievement of all the amazing small companies around us representing the great state of Michigan,” Cory added.


“For us, the importance of being a member of the Michigan Chamber is the power of the collective,” says Cory. “Being a small business usually means you have a small voice. However, the Chamber is constantly going to bat for us over the issues a lot of us are too small to do ourselves. Michigan is such a diverse state in terms of industry these days, and the Chamber can be a loud speaker for all of us without the voice of one industry overshadowing us all. It’s amazing to be part of such a large organization that is always on the lookout for a little company like Mitten Crate.”

The greatest value of being a Chamber member, says Cory, has been the ability to network with other people in his industry and find who to connect with for projects in different parts of the state. Also valuable is the direction the Chamber provides on legal actions or regulatory advice. “The Chamber has the knowledge and wherewithal to get you pointed in the right direction, saving time and money in the process.”


“Money spent on local goods has a 50% larger economic footprint in our backyard when compared to buying a non-local product,” notes Cory. “We want to keep those dollars in Michigan!”

“Mitten Crate has the ability to personalize gifts with notes and other personal touches to make the gift-giving experience feel personal,” added Cory. “We also have the ability to facilitate large-scale corporate retention and appreciation programs as well as highly-customized, fully-branded options to make those important events and launches feel intimate and luxurious – all while using the great items built, baked, made, and created by other Michigan businesses.”