Edw. C. Levy Co.


It's Time to Stop Kicking the Can Down the Road

“Roads are our meat and potatoes. We supply the asphalt, concrete, construction materials and the manpower, among other things,” said Patrick Duerr, Vice President & General Counsel, Edw. C. Levy Co., Detroit. “It is so critical for our state to have first-class transportation, and that starts with fixing the roads. If we want to be competitive, in all phases of commerce, we need to focus on the problem that is critical for both business and recreation.”

“Michigan has kicked the can down the proverbial road and has never faced up to the issues posed by a crumbling infrastructure,” says Duerr. “Once the roads start crumbling, it’s just like a tsunami. It’s time to fix the roads.”

“My company is involved with the Michigan Chamber because they are laser focused on issues impacting businesses across the state,” notes Duerr. “The Chamber has identified roads, auto insurance, and the talent gap as top legislative priorities and is working to deliver powerful advocacy to solve these issues and get the job done to keep Michigan moving forward.”

The Levy Group of Companies has been in business for over 100 years and it all started with a handshake between Edward Levy, Sr., and Henry Ford, two men that believed in creating jobs and supporting businesses. A leading company in transforming products into lightweight aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, agricultural products and more, Levy has approximately 2,000 employees in several states and throughout the world.