Celebrating 20 years of Michigan Roots.

Whether it’s ensuring sustainable water stewardship and promoting recycling, showing up for Michigan communities, or contributing to the local and statewide economy, BlueTriton Brands is committed to the Great Lakes State. The vast majority of Ice Mountain® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water comes from the heart of Michigan, and BlueTriton Brands is proud to continue its investments that support local jobs while fulfilling its commitment to sustainability. 

The Ice Mountain® bottling facility located in rural Stanwood, MI, employs nearly 300. In the plant, jobs range from forklift drivers and mechanics to logistics managers and production operators, along with quality assurance and natural resource management specialists. The facility also houses a state-certified lab made up of microbiologists and chemists.

Since opening their doors in 2002, Ice Mountain’s people have remained focused on improving sustainable practices across the entire operation and conservation management practices that protect the water sources essential to the quality of the company’s products and brand. Employees support a wide range community efforts and volunteer alongside their local communities.

Lending a hand to Michigan's communities.

One core value is to give back. 

“If there is a need in the community, we want to be there to support in those efforts,” says Arlene Anderson-Vincent, natural resource manager for BlueTriton Brands/Ice Mountain and noted hydrogeologist. She says the best part of her job is the ability to make a positive impact in the communities in which they operate. They have been involved in some great projects from, “river cleanups to recycling, improvements in local infrastructure and supplying water to communities in need.”  

They also know how essential water is, especially during times of crisis. They’ve donated millions of bottles of water since 2018 to Flint, MI.

Committed to Sustainability.

Water stewardship is at the core of our business. A healthy planet, resilient water cycle and responsible water management are paramount for long-term access to safe drinking water.

Ed Ferguson, Chief Sustainability Officer, BlueTriton Brands
Arlene Anderson-Vincent accepts Green Infrastructure Project Award at the Wildlife Habitat Council annual conference in Detroit, MI - June, 2022.

Contributing to Michigan's Economy.

BlueTriton Brands plays a key part in Michigan’s economic growth. In a recent study done by Public Sector Consultants (PSC), employees, employee compensation and revenue as output was used to generate the Ice Mountain facility’s overall contribution to the state’s economy. 

PSC found that the company contributed more than $50 million to Michigan’s economy in gross state product! PSC used the same direct contribution estimates to generate the facility’s total contribution to the regional economy of Osceola and Mecosta Counties – $47.5 million in gross regional product! 

BlueTriton Brand's Ice Mountain® Facility, Stanwood