Taking the Hassle Out of Technology


For over 25 years, ASK has been crafting technology solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes — from the small business looking to grow, to the enterprise looking to expand. Located in Lansing, ASK (Application Specialist Company) has successfully built its reputation as a leading provider of technical solutions in the Midwest. ASK’s four core areas of service include: Managed IT Services, Managed Security Services, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity, and Professional Services.

“When your team is willing to move mountains for your clients, then you know you’re unstoppable,” says Michael Maddox, ASK President and CEO. “One of our core values is that we believe the client’s best interest should guide every decision we make. Each of our team members truly cares for our clients and has a desire and dedication to making sure their business is successful.”


“Michigan businesses respect and depend on the Michigan Chamber to provide recommendations, resources and the latest news that may impact them,” says Maddox. “We do business with companies all over the state of Michigan; the Michigan Chamber helps our company be in-the-know of what is happening in the business community on a state level. We also depend on the Chamber to advocate for businesses like ours through their ability to impact legislation.”


“The technology industry is constantly evolving,” says Maddox, “which means there is always room for growth. It is important to not only provide the services that your clients need today but to also develop services that they will need in the future.”

One example, says Maddox, is the addition of ASK’s Enhanced Security Services team 5 years ago. “At the time, cybersecurity was not a daily concern,” notes Maddox. “We were able to see the evolution of technology, however, and correctly predict the coming need. Today, this team is in high demand and protects our clients on a daily basis. We consider it a true honor to be able to help other Michigan businesses grow through the use of technology.