Metro Bolt & Fastener Grew their Business through Exporting

October 17, 2017

Metro Bolt & Fastener has been in business for 65 years and exporting their product for 25 years. A leading provider of steel fasteners and industrial supplies around the world, Metro Bolt delivers to a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, municipal, and private businesses. 

Owner Steve Chapman tells us that exporting has been very impactful for their company, with great benefits. “We are consistently communicating and working with people and companies all over the world.” Exporting allows Metro Bolt to experience less seasonal activity and develop a more balanced sales market.

Metro Bolt has exported their automotive parts and industrial supplies to every continent except Antarctica. Countries include Mexico, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Venezuela, Columbia, Spain, Belgium, India, China, and Turkey.

To compete in the global marketplace, it is critical to become equally efficient and quality-conscious with your products. By doing so, Metro Bolt has also been able to compete in untapped markets. “With exporting, you need to be aware of which companies you are working with and shipping to”, says Chapman. “Rules have to be followed with regard to payment terms and shipping methods.”

When exporting products, there are regulatory, commercial and financial challenges not present with domestic-only opportunities. Metro Bolt chose the Michigan Chamber’s certificate of origin program, CertifyMichiganTM, to assist with these challenges. “With the help of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Metro Bolt does not need to hire an outside firm to assist with exporting documents and certifications; there are none of those additional costs.”

When asked about his experience with CertifyMichiganTM, Chapman says his staff finds “navigating through the Chamber's website is very easy and quick to do, with only having to upload a few documents and standard information. The response time to receive a certificate is usually less than 30 minutes and we are notified immediately. We highly recommend using the CertifyMichiganTM to other businesses!”

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce supports exporting through the CertifyMichiganTM program, which provides electronic Certificate of Origin services through an online portal that is secure, simple and fast. You can trust the Michigan Chamber to serve your export documentation needs.