Steven R. Worthington

Member Spotlight

Steven R. Worthington, President — Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation Standish


Globe Fire Sprinkler Corporation is a family-owned and operated ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer of sprinklers, valves, and accessories. Located in Standish, Globe offers a complete range of USA-produced products for use in residential, commercial, storage, and special hazards applications. In 2014, Globe celebrated 100 years of continuous production of Globe Sprinklers and Valves, longer than any other sprinkler manufacturer. I acquired Globe from my late father in 2013 and have served as president since 2008. This year marks my 18th year with the company. 


Retaining our "small-company" culture as we grow is the greatest challenge facing my business. Our team has grown our business based on agility, responsiveness, anid constant customer focus. We have invested in R&D, infrastructure and our people to fuel our future growth. There are plenty of examples of companies losing touch with customers by layering bureaucracy between leadership and end users. We don't ever want to become insulated and lose the pulse of the customers that specify, buy, and install our products. 


The work ethic and commitment of our Michigan employees is unparalleled. Many of our 265+ employees are husband and wife, second and third generation, and each month we celebrate 25 and/or 30+ year anniversaries. Our production team is agile and flexible enough to quickly change
over production setups to deliver in days what takes our competition weeks to accomplish.


The Chamber has an outstanding variety of web-based and onsite seminars that we encourage our employees to participate in annually. The quality of programs is second to none. It is refreshing to have an institution like the Michigan Chamber as an advocate and resource in today's challenging and growing global marketplace.