Nancy S. Hagan

Member Spotlight

Nancy S. Hagan, Chief Financial Officer — Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids


Since 1990, I have had the pleasure of working with three generations of the Loeks family. Loeks Theatres, known as Celebration! Cinema, operates 156 screens at 12 theatres in Michigan. As CFO, I enjoy working in the theatre industry, and for a family business, in particular. I am an Aquinas College graduate, where I met my husband Mike. We are blessed with three sons and two grandchildren. I am a happy Michigander for: Grand Rapids, Walloon Lake, water, snow, Spartan basketball, skiing, golf, and four seasons! 


Competition for consumer activity - our guests have many choices about how to spend their dollars for out-of-home entertainment, from sports to concerts. We appreciate our guests' choice to visit our theatres! Also, compliance with government regulations and laws is complex and challenging. The Affordable Care Act, employment law, and federal, state and local tax laws are just a few examples of regulatory challenges facing businesses.


Working and living in west & central Michigan for over 70 years, the employees and owners take pride in building relationships and want to connect with community through our facilities, people, and story to have a positive meaningful impact on com­munity. Working in a movie theatre may be a first job for many high school or college students. We can enrich community by teaching employees life-long skills in customer service, open book finance, health & safety, money handling, etc.


The Michigan Chamber's mission to help members solve their business problems and prosper is good for Celebration! Cinema and aligned with running a successful business. The Chamber is very helpful in providing legislative updates to members, facilitating advocacy of legislators supportive of that mission and prnviding webinars, seminars and training on relevant topics. The recent webinar, Leadership in a Time of Crisis, was spectacular and a good example of their support and benefit to members.