Meet Jim Holcomb

Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Michigan Chamber of Commerce —

The idea that good people can come together and solve problems may seem somewhat altruistic, but for Jim Holcomb, Executive Vice President & General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber, that premise is the driving force in his career. 

“At the Michigan Chamber, we’re always working to find a way to bring the voice of business to state government and reach consensus on good policy for the state,” says Jim. “My passion comes from making that connection between business and government to solve problems on behalf of our members. When there is a problem and we can help solve it, that’s the real fun part.”

In his role as Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Jim is responsible for a broad range of issues and activities – from developing and implementing strategies to enact the Chamber’s legislative agenda to fostering policy initiatives beneficial to Michigan’s overall economic climate. 

“I like the variety of issues the Michigan Chamber addresses on behalf of members across the state and across all industries,” says Jim. “And I like working with state government; we can start a bill, stop a bill, have an impact on a bill, get an amendment and really drive a discussion.” 

Since joining the Chamber in 2008, Jim has been identified by lawmakers, lobbyists, association executives and executive branch officials in the biennial MIRS/EPIC-MRA survey as one of Lansing’s top lobbyists.

Prior to joining to the Michigan Chamber, Jim worked 11 years in the State Legislature where he held senior positions in both the State House and Michigan Senate and another four years as a practicing attorney at a major Michigan law firm where he focused on government relations, regulatory compliance and civil litigation.

“Every day at the Michigan Chamber, it’s all about trying to help a member,” says Jim. “Whether it’s working on an issue, getting a contract done, providing a service or connecting a member with someone in state government, there are a lot of victories; and my passion is that, every day, we make a difference for somebody.”  

“I take a lot of pride in the Chamber and its track record throughout its 60-year history,” notes Jim. “Our biggest success is that we haven’t taken a step back. We’ve continually moved forward. That’s one of the best things we can do.”

“Our vision for the future is that the Michigan Chamber is always that leading voice for business in Michigan,” concluded Jim. 

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