Angela McBride

Member Spotlight

Angela McBride, Chief Administrative Officer — Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company, Farmington Hills


As the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Amerisure, I oversee corporate services, human resources, internal audit, project management, and strategic and operational planning. I joined the company in 2009 as Vice President of Internal Audit, then transitioned to Vice President of Human Resources, before assuming the role of CAO in 2014. In addition to my role as CAO, I proudly serve as president of the Amerisure Charitable Foundation, Inc., which supports non-profit organizations that positively impact the lives of people in communities served by Amerisure employees, board members, agencies and policyholders.

Born and raised in Detroit and the surrounding area, I am a Michigander through and through. I graduated from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems.


The shortage of talent is a significant issue for the insurance industry. With the surge of baby boomer retirements, it is projected there will be up to 400,000 insurance job openings in the next three to five years. To address the talent shortage, attracting Millennials and Generation Z to insurance is a focus for the industry. In addition, companies are evolving their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in order to attract and retain critical talent.

Amerisure places a high priority on having a strong EVP to ensure we maintain our competitive advantage as an employer of choice. Our EVP is much more than competitive compensation and benefits; we foster an inclusive culture of collaboration and teamwork while encouraging individual development and innovation. We are proud to be the recipient of strong employee engagement scores and several workplace awards.


Insurtech (innovative insurance technology) new entrants and capabilities have evolved rapidly over the past few years. Given the evolution, there is a significant opportunity to leverage Insurtech to deliver a differentiated customer experience. These new technologies and innovations can be seen as a challenge or an opportunity. At Amerisure, we view them as an opportunity, with investment in digital innovation a top strategic priority. This investment allows us to innovate across the insurance value chain and significantly enhance our value proposition with customers.


The Michigan Chamber offers organizations across the state the chance to come together to discuss challenges and find solutions. One of our values at Amerisure is Community – to be inclusive, accept our differences and achieve our common goals. With over 6,000 members, from all 83 counties of the state, the Chamber provides an environment to do just that. We are proud to be working alongside representatives from small businesses, medium-sized companies and major corporations to improve the business climate in Michigan.


In serving on the Michigan Chamber Board of Directors, I am afforded the opportunity to collaborate with passionate business leaders from across the state. My involvement also allows me to bring a broader perspective to the table when making decisions as part of Amerisure’s strategic leadership team. If you are a Chamber member considering a position as a volunteer leader, I highly recommend you get involved!


Powerful partnerships drive mutual success. It’s true for our businesses and for our communities. The value of relationships should never be underestimated – when people join together, we all benefit.