Mark White

Member Spotlight

Mark White, President — Shape Corp. Grand Haven


Shape is primarily a tier 1 automotive supplier, focusing on impact energy management and structural components made from steel, plastics, composites, aluminum and hybrids. Founded in 1974, Shape is a privately-held company, based in Grand Haven, with manufacturing and engineering facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia. I've been in the automotive industry for my entire 25-year career. I have been with Shape for the last 17 years. I started in Shape's plastics division in the early 2000's, then managed our international business and started Shape's European operations. In October 2016, I assumed the role of president.


At Shape, many of our greatest challenges are interconnected. We're seeing customers asking for more innovation, particularly in lightweighting, and a need to continue expanding our global capabilities while still providing exceptional local support. Additionally, the speed of business in terms of execution, responsiveness and shorter launch cycles, is requiring Shape to be more nimble. To meet these interconnected challenges, we are continuously refining business processes to stay ahead of the curve. 


At Shape, we like to think Michigan, particularly West Michigan, provides a great place to live and a great place to work. Our communities have deep roots in manufacturing and a skilled workforce we are able to tap into. All of this fits with our business philosophy of being a good business partner with our local communities and state. Finally, we want to offer a place for people to grow locally even as we grow globally.


The Michigan Chamber offers Shape a number of meaningful benefits. At the individual level, our team members are taking advantage of networking, and training and development opportunities. As a business, we're closer to public policy and business advocacy influencers, and we're using business solutions programs to find cost-savings and improve business processes.