Mark Sherwood

Member Spotlight

Mark Sherwood , Vice President & Regional Manager — Lamar Advertising Company Traverse City


When I joined OCI (the predecessor to Lamar Advertising) in 1992 as the General Manager of its Saginaw Division, I quickly learned to love the outdoor adlvertising business. OCI was acquired by Lamar Advertisin in 1998 and with that came the ability to share resources with a 100-year-old company. One of the world's largest outdoor advertising companies, Lamar has over 325,000 displays across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. I am currently the Vice-President/Regional Manager for the Midwest Region and am lucky to call Traverse City my home. Despite its size, Lamar preserves the same family values upon which our business was founded in 1902, and is proud of a culture of "giving back." Lamar has offices in Westland, Muskegon, Saginaw, Traverse City and Escanaba servicing over 3,800 displays, of which 53 are digital. Our business is over 80% local and we provide low cost/high value advertising for thousands of small businesses monthly. 


Government overregulation of the outdoor advertising industry is the greatest threat facing our business today. The outdoor advertising industry is regulated at the federal, state and local level. This regulation limits the location, size and sometimes even prohibits outdoor altogether. 


Almost all of our team are born and raised in Michigan and we love it here! The few employees who have moved in from other states quickly realize what a great place Michigan is to live and work. Those of us who have been around a while and have lived through the economic ups and downs know that there has never been a better time to do business in Michigan.


I know that my membership in the Michigan Chamber ensures that my company's and industry's voice is heard in Lansing. I feel better knowing that the Michigan Chamber is monitoring all pending legislation, and providing guidance to the Legislature to ensure the health of small business.