Julie Alexander

Member Spotlight

Julie Alexander, State Representative — R- Hanover


My husband, Jeff, and I are small business owners farming 1,000+ acres and milking a herd of 110 Holstein cattle with a robotic milking system. Our third-generation family farm was established in 1977 by my husband's parents, Nadine and Larry Alexander, thus our farm pre-fix name, Na-Lar Farms. Our two oldest sons, Andrew and Adam, farm with us on our Hanover Township Dairy operation.


Following six years serving as a Jackson County Commissioner, I knew I had the skill set to serve my community as a State Rep­resentative. To me, what is most important is that the families and businesses I serve have an elected official that is not only approachable, but willing to listen and respond in a timely fashion. Everyone deserves an answer; you might not like the answer you receive, but I want you to know I value your input.


The campaign process for me was simply an extension of my service to the community I was already serving. My focus grew from four townships to eight townships, plus the city residents. Listening to their concerns and issues, gaining endorsements and support and knocking on thousands of doors was the key to my successful campaign. Individuals and organizations that supported my candidacy, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, meant a great deal to me. It's much easier to sit back and allow elections to play out, but after campaigning for 18 months, I understand the value of reputable people and organizations that offer public support.


One of the most important issues we must address in our state is ensuring we have an educated and skilled workforce to serve the needs of our businesses. Whether an individual is heading down the path of a skilled trade or college, 

we must ensure we meet those needs to continue our economic growth in the state. Career counseling and post-secondary training are vital in this process.


The thouglht of running for public office never entered my mind until I was approached and asked to consider. I reflected on this question which led me to the conclusion that it was the right thing to do: Who do I want represent­ing me in Lansing? With my understanding of business and regulation challenges, conservative values and principles, I knew it was something I had to pursue.