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Joost Vapor, Wyoming — Valued Beyond Measure

At Joost Vapor, based in Wyoming, Michigan, providing the best customer service in the industry has helped this once small company grow into the largest independently-owned vape retailer in the state. Founded in 2013, Joost Vapor now has 17 physical locations in Michigan.

“Providing the best customer service in the industry is one of our core values and is what I believe sets us apart from our competition,” said Michael Ames, Chief Administrative & Compliance Officer. “Our commitment to our core values is also the reason for our tremendous growth, which includes a second company, Mod Fuel, now the largest e-liquid manufacturer and distributor in Michigan.” Combined, Joost Vapor and Mod Fuel have 140 employees.

Michael’s appreciation for the culture and atmosphere at Joost is what led him to join the staff in 2014 as a part-time employee in one of its stores. A short time later, he became a Co-General Manager and then worked his way up the ranks to Chief Operating Officer of both companies in 2018.

“Late last year, realizing the needs of the company legislatively and regarding compliance, I shifted from my role as COO to my current role as Chief Administrative and Compliance Officer,” explained Michael. “This allowed me more opportunity to work on public relations and government affairs.” This is also when Michael’s relationship with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce began.  

“At Joost/Mod Fuel, we have chosen to be a professional and responsible guardian of the vape industry and our industry is still fairly young,” said Michael. “It is also under a lot of scrutiny, mainly due to a few bad actors.”

“The Michigan Chamber has been a major advocate for our companies – validating our professionalism and self-regulation,” continued Michael. “By far, the biggest return on investment that we have had as a Chamber member has been working their Business Advocacy Team, especially Dan Papineau (the Chamber’s Director of Tax Policy & Regulatory Affairs).”

“When regulation regarding our industry comes down at the state level, it is because of people like Dan that we have been able to provide input with our state agencies and elected officials,” noted Michael. ”Unlike a lot of other companies in our industry, we support many of the regulations that have been proposed at the state level – regulations we have self-imposed for years now.”

“The Michigan Chamber has been one of the most instrumental investments in the continued success and growth of our companies,” added Michael. “It is amazing that, despite how busy their staff may be, every time we are with them, we feel like we are their only focus and that they value us beyond measure.”

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