Jeffrey S. Ammon

Member Spotlight

Jeffrey S. Ammon, Attorney At Law — Miller Johnson Grand Rapids


I am a lawyer, husband, father and have been an active Michigan Chamber supporter for over 20 years. Day-to-day, I represent business owners and executives on matters of corporate governance, real estate, and economic incentives.


From a practical standpoint, it’s cybersecurity. That may genuinely be the biggest threat to all businesses. From a competitive standpoint, it’s the challenge from alternative sources offering do-it-yourself legal research or jack-of-all-trades providers. A more informed client base is the new norm, and that is a good thing. But expert service delivered with understandable and applicable knowledge is still, and always will be, where the real value lies in legal counsel.


The economy. It will always be the economy. Whether times are good or bad, businesses must adjust. When they do, having a qualified attorney as part of your team is invaluable for lots of reasons, the least of which is to ensure you’re fully informed. The economy is trending way up. Investments are leading the way for more merger and acquisition activity and businesses are expanding. That keeps lawyers busy. If the pendulum swings and companies are shuttering, reducing workforce, or closing, lawyers are busy.


Miller Johnson has been a member of the Michigan Chamber for more than two decades. Our belief in the Chamber to support businesses and job provider organizations is unwavering. Staying connected to the policymakers in the legislature and the job creators in the private sector is critical to being a successful counselor. Our attorneys value the insight and access that our Chamber membership provides. We are grateful that our experience has resulted in our actively participating in Chamber educational events, efforts to make policy, and unparalleled networking.


At Miller Johnson, we are proud of being, “Down to Earth, Down to Business.” We hold ourselves accountable to our clients. Their business is our business. Their success is our success. It’s a simple philosophy that exemplifies who we are – and why the Michigan Chamber fits into our philosophy so well.