Greg Pflum

Member Spotlight

Greg Pflum, Vice President & General Manager — BASF Corporation, Midwest Hub


BASF Corporation has 11 sites and more than 2,200 employees in Michigan that operate sustainably with safety as a core value. Michigan is a strategic location for BASF – within proximity to our customer base. BASF has technology and research and development centers in Wyandotte and Southfield that employ top scientists, and host multiple business groups, functions and R&D, including global advanced materials. BASF’s Wyandotte facility has seven manufacturing plants that produce urethanes, specialty plastics products, polyols, custom catalysts, resins and dispersions. The products and services are used in a variety of markets including transportation, coatings, furniture and consumer goods.

The Midwest University Research Corridor feeds BASF’s talent pipeline for an inclusive culture in which differences are accepted, valued and respected -- understanding that the power of collective knowledge and diverse points of view helps us to innovate, have fun and win together.

I have served as Vice President and General Manager of BASF Corporation’s Midwest Hub since 2011. I came to BASF through the acquisition of Cognis, where I served as Vice President of Nutrition & Health for North American operations from 2009 to 2011. I am a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. I earned a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Operations Management from the University of Cincinnati. I am a certified Supply Chain Professional.


Manufacturing is very critical to Michigan’s continued economic growth. The state must offer a competitive environment for business relative to infrastructure, workforce, taxes and energy costs. Michigan has the highest electricity rates in the Midwest region, making it more difficult for manufacturers to meet competition on level ground.


Together with our partners, we drive sustainable solutions to improve quality of life for our world’s growing population. Innovation, continuous improvements and responsible action along the value chain ensure the most efficient use of resources, as well as long-term business success, and improve quality of life.

With a focus on addressing global demographic and social change, urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity, BASF works to increase the proportion of products and processes that contribute to sustainability. Our industry must be a force for change in society. We can pursue these goals and grow, while helping to solve the world’s challenges from Michigan.


The Michigan Chamber plays an important role for business when advocating public policy changes that stimulate growth in Michigan’s economy. As a member, I recommend you not only support financially, but also get involved serving on the board, chairing a committee, and attending the member meetings. It’s through active participation that together we are stronger and can create positive change for Michigan.


Our customers increasingly expect consistent and innovative solutions that also contribute to a more sustainable future. They believe, as we do, that being environmentally and socially responsible goes hand-in-hand with running a profitable business. We’ll accomplish this without compromising on safety.