Frederick A. Edmond

Member Spotlight

Frederick A. Edmond, President & COO — Frankenmuth Insurance Co. Frankenmuth


Frankenmuth Insurance is a mutual insurance company based in Frankenmuth. We partner with 550 independent agencies, who assist individuals and business owners to evaluate and manage risk to help them achieve their goals and enjoy life without the burden of constant worry. I joined Frankenmuth Insurance in 1998 and was named President and COO in 2014.


It's hard to name just one challenge in the insurance industry, but there a couple we are carefully monitoring. One challenge is Michigan's no-fault insurance system - one that inherently sees ever-increasing costs, driving auto insurance premiums that are among the highest in the country. Another challenge facing all business owners is the threat of cyber-attacks or breach of data and information security. Many businesses simply do not take the time to learn about the risks to their business and their responsibilities for protecting the records of their customer base.


The best part of operating our business in Frankenmuth is living and working in a community of people that support each other. It still has a small-town feel even though millions of people visit our town each year. Our company is truly a reflection of this community. We will be celebrating our 150th anniversary in 2018 and while we have experienced positive girowth and expanded operations to additional states, our strength lies in the supportive, caring environment our employees have created.


Being a member of the Michigan Chamber means we have an advocate in our corner fighting to establish and preserve a favorable business climate in our state. I like being able to pick up the phone and call any one of the Chamber's team to inquire about pending legislative issues or their services and I receive timely, insightful information that helps me understand the implications for our company. We simply do not take for granted the positive work the Chamber does on behalf of the business community and the residents of our great state - all in an effort to make Michigan a better place to live, work and play.