Don Kirkland

Member Spotlight

Don Kirkland, President — ArborOakland Group Royal Oak


ArborOakland Group traces its roots back to 1967 and the desire of Ed and Ralph Garabedian to provide printing services to a few businesses from its location in Detroit. I joined ArborOakland Group in late 2010 when I purchased the interests of the two principal partners. At the time, ArborOakland Group was focused on commercial printing. Seven years later, we've expanded our print capabilities to include web, sheet-fed, digital and large format printing - and are now a full-service printing and marketing company.


Contrary to the beliefs of some, print is not disappearing. Rather, it has. been joined by many other methods of distributing information. For many, printing is still their preference because its tactile and can't easily be deleted by a simple click of a button or swipe of your finger. We strive to be a leader and find cost-effective solutions for our clients. In an industry with small margins, it is always a challenge to stay current with technology - yet we seem to find a way to do just that.


There is such diversification in Michigan. Certainly, we work with manufacturing clients, but we also work with financial, healthcare, academic, municipalities, and trade associations, let alone the agencies and designers that support each of these segments. While the automotive industry may be the driver, we've found that our diversification enables us to have the stability necessary for long-term success. 


The Chamber is a great resource. Whether through training courses, publications, or even the member gathering, the Chamber has the ability to connect us to relevant information and people. As a business owner, my role is to look ahead to what is changing in our industry and with our clients. Having an ally like the Chamber, who is lo,oking out for us at the state and even federal level, is criticallly important to our ongoing success.