Denice M. LeVasseur

Member Spotlight

Denice M. LeVasseur, President — Levasseur & DeFran k, PC Southfield


My father is an attorney who started the law firm I now own and manage. Our law firm has always specialized in defending employers in workers' compensation claims. I am now one of the lead defense attorneys in Michigan workers' compensation claims. The firm's clients include auto supply companies, casinos, food service companies, appliance companies, governmental entities and construction companies. 


Back in 1959 when my father started the law firm, there were very few, perhaps three, primary law firms that provided the defense of all employers in Michigan. That has certainly changed. The industry of lawyers is massive. So the challenge today in my business is making sure that employers know they deserve the best and that I am the best. Working hard and being the best is the answer to how to survive. When you do that, everything else falls into place. 


The best part of providing workers' compensation defense in Michigan today is that, at long last, employers can win the cases they should win. With all the trials under my belt, and there are many, you would think that losing a case that should be won would not get to me. But it still does . It is gut-wrenching to go into a trial knowing that the judge will rule against an employer no matter what the facts. That has changed under Governor Snyder. 


Membership in the Chamber has been the best dollar spent by my business. The Chamber's tools and equipment are not heavy machinery. Its inventory is not food products nor widgets. Rather, the tools of its trade are the knowledge and experience of the experts that make up the Chamber team. My business gets to put money in the profit column instead of the expense column as a result of the Chamber's strong business advocacy on issues such as taxes, regulations, energy, health care and protection of employers' rights in the workplace.