David Armstrong

Member Spotlight

David Armstrong, CEO — GreenStone Farm Credit Services East Lansing


GreenStone Farm Credit Services supports rural communities and agriculture with reliable, consistent credit and financial services. Headquartered in East Lansing, we serve 24,000 customers across 36 branches in Michigan and northeast Wisconsin. My career with Farm Credit began as an intern more than 35 years ago while I was attending Mic:higan State University. I've worked in several different roles in various locations throughout the state before becoming President & CEO in 2009.


Our greatest challenge is the volatility of the agricultural economy, just as it is for any farmer or agricultural producer. We are subject to a variety of uncontrollable factors - weather, pests, changing global markets, and the value of the dollar, just to name a few. 


There is tremendous opportunity for growth in Michigan's agricultural market. The demand for hops in the craft beer market is an excellent example of that opportunity for young entrepreneurs. In addition, Michigan produces over 300 different commodities, from apples to wine grapes, sugar beets to dry beans, greenhouse plants to timber. This diversity strengthens our state's agricultural economy and is directly related to GreenStone's lending portfolio by helping lessen our concentration risk. From regulations to resources, Michigan is an excellent place, to be involved in agriculture. 


As a statewide employer, GreenStone recognizes the impor­tance of staying up-to-date on the issues affecting Michigan job providers, and the Michigan Chamber helps us do just that. Our Human Resources team has found the Chamber to be an important educational resource for supervisor and manager training. The Chamber's course is made available to our management staff regularly, and we also take advantage of the available compliance publications and posters. We are proud to be a member of the Michigan Chamber.