Brian Gasiorowski, P.E.

Member Spotlight

Brian Gasiorowski, P.E., Director of Land and Environment — LafargeHolcim, Dundee


I’ve worked with Lafarge, now part of LafargeHolcim, for 24 years on topics ranging from environmental compliance and sustainability programs to, more recently, all aspects of land management for our quarries and production facilities. The company strives to be a leader both in Michigan and globally in producing construction materials in a sustainable manner to meet the needs of the State and growing global population. I am proud to work for a global company that focuses on being agile and empowering employees to think and act within each community just as though we are working for a small local company. Personally, I value the natural environment here in Michigan and the relationships with all of the people I’ve come to know living in the communities where we operate. I’ve always enjoyed my role as an “environmental steward” and supporting others to be their best and to pursue improvements and excellence in our environmental programs.


A big challenge within our industry is to implement a sustainability strategy that is truly responsive to meeting the needs of all of our many stakeholders. Our parent company’s “2030 Plan” outlines how we aim to lead the construction materials industry as an innovative, climate-neutral enterprise that embraces the circular economy. This 2030 Plan provides a clear roadmap for us to address our main environmental and social impacts, set new standards, and lead our industry to help address our planet’s most pressing issues.  


Our company is well positioned for the future, but we need to remain flexible to meet the changing needs of our customers. To do so, we must continue to strive to be the most sustainable company in our industry and establish ourselves as the partner of choice for our customers. To ensure success, we will need to be active and involved from early design phase of projects – and throughout the process, address the dual challenges of urbanization and sustainability.


Lafarge has been a longstanding member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for good reason. The Chamber has continued to be a leading voice in Lansing and throughout the entire state, ensuring that Michigan continues to be a great place to live and have fun, and also to grow and maintain our business. The Chamber has truly been at the forefront of high level issues affecting the business community such as workers compensation, health care, workforce development and many other areas that are imperative to a healthy work environment for not only the employer but also our employees.


As an energy intensive company and one that strives for environmental excellence, the Chamber’s Energy & the Environmental Policy Advisory Committee has been incredibly helpful in keeping us up on current environmental regulations, what we should expect in the near future, as well as monitoring the ever-changing energy landscape. Operating efficiently and effectively and being a good neighbor to our surrounding communities while protecting the environment is key to a successful and sustainable business-community relationship. 


An important life goal I’ve pursued throughout my career has been to make a real difference on restoring and improving our natural environment. Looking to the future, I see my company as a key player in shaping the construction sector of tomorrow that will be diverse, inclusive and enhance the quality of life for all. If we stick to our legacy of corporate and personal employee commitment, we will surely continue “to make a difference” on making this Earth a better place.