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Radio Interviews

From the most powerful voice for Business in Michigan. The Michigan Chamber Business Brief.

Topic for this week’s Business Brief: The trend in Michigan’s COVID data & health metrics and growing pressure to reopen: in-person classes for K-12; lift severe restrictions on restaurants; and offices.

Rich Studley, president and CEO of Michigan Chamber talks with Steve Gruber about the Governor’s proposed budget.

  • Under our State Constitution, what is the role of the Governor in the budget process.
  • What is the role of the Legislature in the budget process?
  • Does the Michigan Chamber support the Governor’s proposal to fix local bridges?
  • Does the Chamber support the Governor’s proposal to invest more in workforce development & career readiness?

What’s next in Lansing and how state lawmakers will respond to the Governor’s State of the State address on Jan 27 and her Budget Message in Feb.

Rich Studley is President & Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, talks with Steve Gruber during the Business Brief.

Wendy Block, Vice President of Business Advocacy and Member Engagement talks with Steve Gruber on the upcoming Sustainability Summit, January 26.

Last week Gov Whitmer promised COVID-19 vaccines would be distributed to seniors. After having months to create a distribution plan, the Whitmer administration was unprepared to deliver on this promise.

Number of new COVID-19 cases & related hospitalizations declining and effective vaccines being distributed across the state 2021 can & should be a better year for state government.

Rich Studley is President & Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, talks with Steve Gruber on the positive & negative developments during the lame duck legislative session (negative: Gov extends ban on indoor dining into Jan. Positive: Mich Senate approves COVID-19 relief). And a quick look at the agenda for state government early in 2021.

First Rule of Holes is: when you find yourself in one, stop digging. The single most important step state government can take to help unemployed workers and struggling businesses is to STOP the Governor’s “three-week” pause, stay-at-home shutdown order.

Rich Studley, president and CEO with Michigan Chamber discusses the Governor’s recent desire to shut down Line 5 that would devastate the Upper Peninsula.


Detroit News Editorial - Whitmer's veto a blow to economy, bipartisanship

Dec. 29, 2020 - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's veto of $225 million in COVID-19 relief funds is a blow to both bipartisan governing and the task of restoring jobs lost to her harsh shutdowns of the economy. Read article.

Detroit News - Whitmer slashes $225M from GOP Legislature's COVID-19relief bill

 Dec 29, 2020 - Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday vetoed $225 million from a Legislature-approved supplemental COVID-19spending bill that allocated $465 million in surplus funds to a variety of COVID-related expenses. Read article.

Press Releases

Letter to Governor from Regional Chamber of Commerce - February 19, 2021

Dear Governor Whitmer:

As COVID-19 cases and positivity rates trend in the right direction, and as vaccines reach more Michiganders every day, we write in hopes that employees will soon be able to return to the office while following guidelines and protocols to keep them safe.

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Michigan Chamber Announces the Appointment of Policy Committee Chairs

January 27, 2021 – The Michigan Chamber of Commerce announced the appointment of its policy advisory committee chairs for 2021-22.  The new chairs will be David Cessante – Health & Human Resources Committee, Wayne Roberts – Tax Policy Committee and Troy Cummings – Energy & Environment Committee. 

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Video Interviews

January 22 – Southfield (CBS Detroit) – Four regional leaders  discuss a hectic and historic week which saw the departure of Donald Trump, the inauguration of Joe Biden as President, and release of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from jail thanks to Trump who commuted his sentence on his way out the door.