May Sales, Use, Withholding Tax Payments Delayed

May 19, 2020

Over the weekend, the Michigan Department of Treasury delayed sales, use and withholding (SUW) tax payments one month for both quarterly and monthly filers.  The delay excluded accelerated filers.  May SUW taxes will be due June 20th.  Penalty and interest will not apply for the duration of the extension.

This is the third time the Department has delayed SUW tax payments.  March, April and now May SUW will be due June 20thand penalty and interest will not apply.

While the SUW extensions issued by the Department are helpful, the Michigan Chamber is hoping for a longer-term solution that applies to all SUW taxpayers to provide for adequate business planning. At the request of the Michigan Chamber, legislation has been drafted and should be introduced this week to delay 5 months’ worth (March-July) of SUW tax payments and make them due December 31st

While SUW tax payments keep piling up, plans must be made on how to provide for a mechanism to spread the payments out over time. 

For more information on SUW tax payments, please contact Dan Papineau at