Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

The Issue:

Members of the Michigan House and Senate continue to advocate for legislation to require employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees. Under their proposals, employers would be required to offer one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours worked. Time would accrue in one hour increments of up to 40 hours per calendar year for businesses with less than 10 employees and 72 hours per calendar year for all other businesses. The time would carry over from year-to-year, but employers would not be required to allow employees to use more than 40/72 hours in a single year. Paid sick leave could be used for illness, medical treatment, care for a family member or a newborn child.

Where We Stand:

The Michigan Chamber opposes a one-size-fits all paid leave mandate. This proposal would have a significant impact on Michigan employers’ payroll costs and hiring decisions and would be felt most by workers, who will have to cover the work load for absent employees. It could also have an adverse impact on employers’ ability to offer the voluntary benefits that workers need and want, such as retirement, health insurance and other fringe benefits.

Industries such as tourism, hospitality and retail will be impacted the hardest by this proposal because they rely heavily on part-time employment. It is unfortunate that this bill does not provide for an arrangement that will accommodate their needs. 

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Director of Health Policy & Human Resources
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