Legislation to Reign in Overcharging Practices for Air Ambulance Services Goes to Governor

December 10, 2018

Good news! Chamber-supported legislation to better protect consumers from unscrupulous balance billing practices of air ambulance providers has been sent to the Governor.   

Employers are often on the front end of having to help their employees understand their insurance bills and why, in this case, they may have received a bill for upwards of $50,000. The employer is often the one explaining why, even though they were never told the network status of the air ambulance provider or given an estimated cost for the transport, they must pay up. Employers, like employees, have seen the financial ruin these billing practices can create. And they, too, are left wondering why there is a lack of oversight and protection under state law. Ideally, the free market would settle these problems. But if healthcare and health insurance were a free market, prices for health care goods and services would be set freely between patients and health care providers. That is not the reality of our system today. House Bills 5217, 5218 and 5219 would put much-needed protections into place.  

Please contact Wendy Block with any questions at wblock@michamber.com.