Legislation to Prohibit Non-Compete Agreements with Employees Introduced; Feedback Needed

March 1, 2015

State Representative Peter Lucido (R-Shelby Township) has introduced legislation to severely limit employers’ use of non-compete agreements with employees. House Bill 4198 would allow non-compete agreements only in connection with the sale of a business or business interest. 

The Michigan Chamber is looking for feedback from firms that require employees to enter into non-compete agreements as a condition of employment. We want to hear from you on how this bill would impact your business operations an/or ability to restrict access to confidential information about your operations, trade secrets or sensitive information such as customer/client lists, business practices, upcoming products, and/or marketing plans. 

Please contact Wendy Block with any feedback you may have at (517) 371-7678 or wblock@michamber.com.