Legislation to Increase Property Taxes Introduced; Chamber Strongly Opposed

January 21, 2019

Only two weeks into the new legislative session and several bills have been introduced to increase property taxes for businesses across Michigan. House Bills 4025 and 4047 and Senate Bills 26  and 39 all change the way property is valued to lead to higher assessments which will result in higher property tax bills.

Unhappy with businesses who are successful in fighting inflated property assessments, local governments are attempting to shift the rules in their favor in an effort to legitimize the practice of over assessing. Property valuation methods have been in place for decades and are well established. Any attempt to change the current process for valuing property will be met with strong opposition from the Michigan Chamber.

Taxpayers have a fundamental right to challenge property tax assessments and any attempt to diminish that is indefensible.

For more information on this issue or these bills, contact Dan Papineau at (517) 317-7669 or dpapineau@michamber.com