Maintain a Sound Legal Climate

Maintaining a sound legal climate is a high-priority issue for the Michigan Chamber because Michigan has long been considered a leader in the national legal reform movement and must continue to work proactively to strengthen and improve the state’s civil justice system. Common-sense reforms should be pursued to control auto insurance costs and protect job providers against frivolous lawsuits and excessive legal bills.

During the 2015-2016 legislative session, the Michigan Chamber will advocate:

  • Supporting a no-fault automobile insurance system that balances the needs of injured drivers while protecting against fraud and excessive litigation and supporting reforms that allow for flexibility, competition and choice in the marketplace.
  • Protecting and strengthening Michigan’s laws that provide balance pertaining to general tort, medical liability, consumer protection and products liability, including Michigan's FDA Defense law.
  • Opposing efforts to expand the types of claims that can be filed against Michigan job providers to mitigate their increased financial exposure.
  • Supporting civil justice reforms, such as limitations on attorney fees, loser pay provisions and transparency in the legislative creation of new rights to sue, to ensure Michigan's legal system is fair, efficient and predictable.

Chamber Staff Contact:
Wendy Block
Director of Health Policy & Human Resources
(517) 371-7678