Learn from the 11 Best U.S. Companies for Students to Get Summer Internships

March 28, 2016

College students across the country are getting ready to battle it out over summer internship positions, but which companies offer the best program?

Traditionally, Wall Street offered the most coveted spots, where bright-eyed, fresh-faced newbies started and ended their days to the sounds of the opening and closing bells. These days, students are heading to the West Coast to munch on free food, play foosball and get on-site laundry service, all while getting work experience at some of the world's top technology companies.

With about 27,500 open internships across the United States, Glassdoor, an online jobs, recruiting and review site, identified the companies with the best internship programs. Although all companies on the list pay their interns, and quite handsomely from anecdotal reviews on Glassdoor, the annual ranking is based on feedback from former interns.

View the full article by The Street to learn from the top 11 companies that run internships.

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