#LeadLikeAWoman with Amina Bell

Amina Bell, Events & Community Affairs Partner at MGM Grand Detroit

I've learned in my career that someone is always watching you, your actions can be inspiring to those around you. 

What does leadership mean to you?

A leader is someone who takes ownership in their words, deeds and is cognizant of how it affects others. Leadership, to me, is a state of being, it's a skill that requires constant improvement and development in order to be successful. It's the ability to build trust among those around you through consistency and action.   

Who has influenced your idea of leadership?

I have the advantage of being surrounded by people who influence my idea of leadership, both directly and indirectly. I have access to senior executive leadership whom I interact with daily using these opportunities to absorb wisdom and insight on various issues facing leaders today. I seek to find a lesson on leadership as part of my day, be it at a training session, an email, a one on one conversation, or with another leader. 

Why do we need more women in leadership roles? What do they add to the table?

Women are a vital part of the workforce today. Women are intuitive; it's important for more women to be in leadership roles because we have a distinctive skill-set. More women today are acquiring degrees, becoming entrepreneurs while raising children and caring for elderly parents. Thus, having a strong sense of vision, determination and the ability to balance it all. Women add intellect, diversity, instinct for future progression and an empathetic nature creating an environment of understanding and inclusion.

How are you leading in your career/community?

I lead by example! In my career, I create an environment that's conducive for the success of others by sharing information, allowing others to take the lead on projects and being a motivator and encouraging to those around me. Another way I lead in my career is through continuous personal and professional development. I've learned in my career that someone is always watching you, your actions can be inspiring to those around you. Also, paying it forward by sharing the knowledge I have gained from personal and educational experiences throughout my career. I have shared some of this knowledge and experience in a book that I was blessed to co-author; Tapping Into Your Inner Beauty: Let it Shine From Within published in 2016.

 My career encompasses volunteerism in the community where I live and work. I am a mentor in every aspect of my life; serving people from all walks of life. Community service is ingrained in me, I've taken the lead and have volunteered individually with many organizations throughout the years. Now, in my career, it's second nature to want to be a part of the evolution of my community and its people while encouraging others to participate. I am proud to mention that in May of this year, I was inducted into the prestigious class of the Michigan Chronicle's Women of Excellence. This honor celebrates local African American women who inspire others through vision and leadership, exceptional achievements and participation in the community. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I have to say that I am appreciative to work for a company that believes in developing leaders. I have the support of mentors and executive leadership that are willing to make an investment in my growth and development. I attribute part of my success to the many mentors who have taken the time to allow a relationship to develop and for me to grow into the person I am today.        

What is the best way for someone to contact you?

I can be contacted on LinkedIn via my profile


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