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Lead Like a Woman Spotlights

We are a proud supporter of Michigan ATHENA and the founding principles of developing, supporting and honoring women leaders and those who inspire them. ATHENA celebrates wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength and authenticity of women leadership and it's in this spirit, we bring to you the #Lead Like a Woman” Spotlight Series as part of our Michigan ATHENA mission.

The series is intended to energize and inspire women to reach their fullest leadership potential. #LeadLikeAWoman Spotlight Series features interviews with women throughout Michigan who are reshaping the leadership landscape in their fields. The interviews are full of practical advice related to leadership, and often sprinkled with a dose of inspiration and humor. We hope this series inspires you and challenges you to think differently. If you are inspired and want to reach out to any of the featured women, we encourage you to connect with them directly with the link found within their story. Enjoy.

Leader Spotlight

Erin Bonovetz

Meet Erin Bonovetz  Erin is  the Senior Vice President, OTC, of Perrigo Company’s Consumer Self-Care Americas business.  Prior to her current role, she held positions

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Tina Kozak

Meet Tina Kozak Tina is the president of Detroit -based, Franco, a core service firm focusing on public relations, marketing, social media, advertising, creative, analytics/reporting

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Sarah Weisbarth

Since graduating from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Health & Fitness Management, Sarah has spent her time serving others as a life coach. Stacie believes that “when we lead from a place where we are purposed and connected, the potential is limitless; we will never know the amount of change we have initiated in the world. Keep being, let go of striving.”

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Patricia J. Scott

Recognized in 2019 as a “Rising Star” for her work as a civil litigation plaintiff attorney, Patricia serves as leader of Foster Swift’s Finance, Real Estate and Bankrupty law practice group. For Patricia, a good leader always leads by example. “None of us are perfect, but we must put our best foot forward and help others do the same.”

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Cassidy Oonk

At Michigan Creative, Cassidy’s main focus is account management, sales and outreach. A 2016 graduate of Michigan State University, Cassidy has a passion for volunteering in her community and an even stronger passion for the environment. “I’m constantly inspired by the women in my life…I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without their guidance and support.”

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Lisa Corless

Before joining AF Group, Lisa served as COO for Texas Mutual Insurance Company. Her professional honors include the Woman of Influence award from the Austin Business Journal, and the 2017 Women to Watch award from Business Insurance. “Leadership to me means ‘Servanthood.’ I have found so much personal reward in understanding and working to meet the needs of others.”

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