Key Tax Bills on the Move

March 26, 2018

Several Chamber-backed tax bills advanced through the legislative process last week. These bills include:

Halt Mandatory Customer Audits by Contractors (SB 887) - Legislation introduced to stop contractors from having to audit their customers passed the Senate committee unanimously after testimony that got heated at times. SB 887 will stop the practice of contractors having to prove to Treasury someone else paid Sales Tax on items they installed to get out of Use Tax assessments.

Streamline Sales/Use Tax Refunds (HB 5620-1) - This legislation was voted out of the first chamber last week unanimously to allow a purchaser to directly apply for a refund to the Department of Treasury for sales and use tax overpayments. 

Change Annual W-2 Statement Due Date (House Bill 5091) - The Senate committee unanimously reported HB 5091 which would move the W-2 filing deadline forward one month and require employers with less than 250 employees to file W-2 information electronically. The bill has one more stop before it heads to the Governo's desk.  

Modify Dates for Filing Certain PPT Exemptions (House Bill 5261) - The Senate committee also unanimously reported HB 5261 which would require taxpayers with less than $80,000 in market valued personal property to file a claim for exemption once as opposed to every year. It, too, has one more stop before it heads to the Governor's desk.

For more information or these or any other tax legislation, contact Dan Papineau, Director of Tax Policy for the Michigan Chamber, at