It's Time to Leave Michigan's Hollywood Film Subsidy on the Cutting Room Floor, Says Michigan Chamber

February 25, 2015

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today is calling on state lawmakers to support House Bill 4122, introduced by State Rep. Dan Lauwers, to finally end Michigan’s costly and ineffective film subsidy. 

“This boondoggle currently costs Michigan taxpayers $50 million a year and is a waste of taxpayer dollars,” said Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley. “The facts are clear: this costly and ineffective film subsidy is not creating full-time, permanent jobs for Michigan residents and comes at the expense of more important programs.”

“If the state government is determined to spend this money, rather than  return this money to taxpayers, it would be far better to fully fund the recently cut State Police Trooper School or increase funding for Pure Michigan, a proven program with a track record of positive return on investment for our state’s travel and tourism industry that is anchored in Michigan,” added Studley. 

“We are urging legislators to place a higher priority on Michigan’s taxpayers and say NO to Hollywood film producers and movie stars who only come to town to pick up a check,” said Tricia Kinley, Senior Director of Tax & Regulatory Reform for the Michigan Chamber. “Michigan-based companies throughout our state have established roots here, create good-paying permanent jobs, and have never asked for or received a dime in state funding.”  

“Proponents of this taxpayer fleecing acknowledge that this is an arms race with other states that Michigan will never win; the State will never keep up with outrageous demands of Hollywood subsidy seekers,” Kinley concluded.