It's Time to End Michigan's Wasteful Film Subsidy, Says Michigan Chamber

February 19, 2015

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today commended State Representative Dan Lauwers for introducing House Bill 4122 to finally end Michigan’s wasteful and counterproductive film subsidy.

“We applaud Rep. Lauwers and every state legislator who joined him by co-sponsoring this important reform,” said Jim Holcomb, Senior Vice President for Business Advocacy & General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber. 

“This boondoggle currently costs Michigan taxpayers $50 million a year and even the state’s own economic development agency (MEDC) reported this costly subsidy failed in 2013 to create one permanent job,” noted Tricia Kinley, Senior Director of Tax & Regulatory Reform the Michigan Chamber. “The time to end this wasteful spending is long overdue and we are urging the Legislature to take immediate action.”