The Internet of Things Platform to Improve Energy Efficiencies

happy workers in an open office area
December 20, 2017

Physical space and business dynamics of the workplace are changing. Employees demand flexibility and employers – looking to attract and retain the best workers – are deploying technological innovation to deliver improvements in the working environment. New expectations about working hours and space configuration challenge the norms of facilities maintenance (FM). Completely open floor plans, shifting peak periods of occupancy, and the necessity of uninterrupted connectivity change the rules for operating building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, security, and access. An Internet of Things (IoT) platform can provide the construct that redefines FM and delivers high value assets to real estate owners and best-in-class space for employers.

The IoT platform is envisioned as a structure to enable analytics around machine learning and eventually artificial intelligence (AI) that reduces cost and improves energy and operational efficiencies while delivering a personalized experience for occupants. For more than a decade, building owners have had the opportunity to invest in smart systems to run HVAC more smoothly or to tune lighting more effectively. The difference in today’s IoT intelligent buildings market is that data-driven technologies are designed to amplify services and approaches to improve all systems within a facility. Furthermore, these solutions can help drive strategic decisions around improving or replacing building systems across a portfolio of buildings.

The connected workplace, made possible by IoT, is expected to support happier and ultimately more productive employees. Enhancing occupant experience is the hot topic in today’s intelligent buildings market, and the reality is that IoT enables visibility into how our buildings run to maximize the experience for tenants and bottom line for owners. There is a tangible benefit to deploying technology for building owners with direct savings through utility bill reductions and operational efficiencies, as well as harder to quantify enhancements to occupant experience and employee productivity.

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