Integrating Mobile Devices Among Employees

September 11, 2014

Look around your office on any given day and how many mobile devices do you see? Remember to count smartphones, tablets and laptops. Do mobile devices outnumber employees? Probably so.

But now ask yourself, are the mobile devices talking to each other? Are they sharing software? Are they talking with fellow employees? Probably not.

Mobile devices can save people time and money if users know how to integrate their software so they can “talk amongst their friends”.

Just think if your work calendar was connected to your fellow department member’s calendars or to your boss’s calendar – how easy scheduling a meeting could be. Or, how about if you could access your work documents to complete an assignment on your tablet, while waiting in a doctor’s office?

There are many simple aspects of making mobile devices work harder and more efficiently for the user, but they are often not used for lack of training. Most of us unpack our devices and learn the basics of operating them. But we often don’t know how to link them up and find software programs for workgroups.

Contributed by Suzie Mitchell of Mobile Comply.

View the on-demand archive webinar “Integrating Mobility in the Workplace: Getting the Most from Your Mobile Devices”  with Suzie Mitchell and Elaina Farnsworth.