Immigration Changes Extremely Likely

December 1, 2016

The recent election results will produce significant changes in U.S. immigration policies and processes. With a Republican-controlled House, Senate and the Presidency, changes to current U.S. immigration processes appear to be guaranteed. In addition, changes to U.S. immigration laws and regulations are expected.

Some of these expected changes are likely to be drastic and quick, while others will take time to be passed into law or otherwise take effect.

What’s possible and quick in President-elect Trump’s first 100 days in office?

  • Increased I-9 enforcement and raids on all U.S. employers;
  • On November 21st he stated that in his first 100 days in office – ““I will direct the Department of Labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the American worker;”
  • Elimination of the TN visa work status, and NAFTA, with a six month notice to Canada and Mexico; and
  • Increased background checks for persons applying for a visa at a US Consulate.

Contributed by Michael P. Nowlan, Clark Hill PLC, LLC.

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