I-9 Basics

August 7, 2014

Every employer must have an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form completed for every employee who they employ in the US. This requirement only applies to workers hired since November 7, 1986. This form applies to all persons who work in the US, regardless as to the country from which they are paid (i.e. a German citizen working in the US, but paid in Germany, requires an I-9). The I-9s are completed but are kept with the employer until an appropriate US government agent requests to see them. The employee must complete the I-9 no less than the first day of hire, and the employer has up to three business days, after the first work day, to complete section two. This is commonly referred to as the “three day rule.” However, the three day rule does not apply to persons who are expected to work 3 days or less.

Excerpted from Clark Hill PLC.