HR and Accounting Considerations When an Employee Dies

April 28, 2015

Employers need to take certain legal and administrative steps when the death of an employee occurs. Here are some of the human resource and accounting tasks come into play after an employee dies:

  1. Implementing bereavement leave policies;
  2. Answering payroll questions before the final payroll check is cut;
  3. Understanding tax withholding and filing requirements;
  4. Reporting to the Social Security Administration;
  5. Handling pension and other benefits distributions;
  6. Terminating health insurance and coordinating COBRA benefits for dependents; and
  7. Reviewing, deactivating or deleting employment-related social media accounts.

An employer must deal with these practicalities when an employee dies and address them efficiently and with care and sensitivity.

Contributed by Chelsey White, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC.

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