How To Successfully Recruit New College Graduates

July 28, 2014

HR departments and employers can prepare for the onrush of applications and communication from college graduates by following these tips:

  1. Recognize that entry-level resumes are different: Lacking direct work experience in your industry, it is easy to overlook the resumes of great new grads based on a natural bias for experienced candidates.
  2. Establish a dedicated application process for new grads: This could include a unique email address for your job postings or a unique application procedure for online applicants from your website or mobile device. In addition, the application process and information requested will typically be different for new grads. Be sure to send a confirmation email to job applicants to acknowledge receipt of a candidate’s application and/or resume.
  3. Determine screening criteria: Most entry-level resumes look the same, so how to choose those to contact can be a mystery. Determine those criteria that are important to you. For some, it may be a candidate’s major, coursework, GPA and other academic parameters. For others, well-rounded candidates combining academics as well as transferrable work experience and participation in extracurricular activities are more desirable.
  4. Train hiring managers on how to interview entry-level candidates: Because new grads lack direct work experience, many hiring managers are lost when interviewing to fill entry-level positions. One good way to address this problem is to train managers on behavioral-based interviewing techniques, which can be used to identify transferrable skills required for success in the position.
  5. Don’t hesitate to bring in an outside resource: Filling entry-level positions is much different than those requiring experience. From generating resume flow to screening, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding, success depends upon a keen understanding of the millennial candidate. Outsourced college recruiting firms like GradStaff can be an efficient and effective solution for small- and mid-sized companies looking to hire the best and brightest talent among recent college graduates.

For more tips on recruiting college graduates, view the rest of this article, "How To Successfully Recruit New College Graduates" by ZipRecruiter.

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