How to Keep and Develop Passionate Proactive Employees

happy business people
March 9, 2017

The people working for you have a huge impact on customer loyalty and innovation and it is imperative that you encourage their passion and keep them engaged. Data shows that the levels of employee engagement and workplace passion have a very high correlation to the competitive value you bring to your customers. This is the key to what sets you apart from your competition.

When your team members are engaged, and understand the effect their actions and decisions have on the vision of the organization, your competitive value improves. This also means, if the team members are just going through the steps, completing tasks, and aren’t committed to the organization’s purpose, values and goals, your competitive value declines.

Why is this happening?

  • The shrinking workforce is causing growing competition for skilled workers and, if employees feel a lack of true purpose or are unhappy with their current workplace’s culture, they quickly leave for another opportunity.
  •  There have been major advancements with technology and tools that have impacted the way work is being done and this challenges the standard practices and thoughts about the needed workforce skills and training.
  • We are moving from the Knowledge/Information-based Age to the Conceptual Age. This is causing social and cultural changes locally and on a global level.
  • There is increased access to information at all levels of the organization, which is decentralizing decision making.
  • The speed of change has increased and will continue to increase.

Here is what you need to do as a business owner and team leader to keep and develop passionate, proactive employees:

  1. Develop employees in emotional intelligence, so they can effectively communicate and appreciate their co-workers, all employees and leaders.
  2. Create a workplace culture of high trust and personal responsibility, so all contribute to and are committed to decisions.
  3. Have leaders and processes in place that support their culture, goals and employee needs.

Contributed by Pinky McPherson, Principal, PMc Consulting LLC.

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