Hiring Commercial Drivers

March 7, 2017

There are a few categories of workers in this country that requires a background check by law. For the most part, public school employees, healthcare workers, casino employees, and a host of others in certain job categories must have background checks done. That list includes commercial drivers. For the vast majority of workers in the country, however, a background check is done not because it is required by law, but because the employer feels it is a wise policy. That is smart.

When you want to hire a commercial driver, federal regulations within the U.S. Department of Transportation – D.O.T.  (the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations – FMCSRs) require you, the employer, to do many things in order to employ that driver.

  1. Drug testing;
  2. Physical exams;
  3. Confirm the driver’s license is valid, has the proper endorsements, and meets the requirements of your insurance carrier; and
  4. Verify the past three years of previous commercial driver employment and any drug/alcohol testing done within that three-year period.

You must have these checks done and have proof of their completion in your driver files. If D.O.T. auditors show up at your business and inspect driver files only to find that these steps were not taken you could face penalties. They could even tell you to pull your driver(s) off the road. Don’t swerve off the road and cause a problem by not getting these checks done.

Contributed by Steven J. Austin of LABORCHEX.

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