Advocate Market-Friendly, Consumer-Driven Health Care Options

Advocating market-friendly, consumer-driven health care options is a high-priority issue for the Michigan Chamber because rising health care costs have become a significant financial threat to Michigan’s businesses. Policymakers should avoid implementing costly state and federal health insurance mandates and other plan design restrictions and instead focus on implementing market-friendly, consumer-driven reforms that will enable employers and individuals to purchase affordable coverage in the private health insurance marketplace.

During the 2015-2016 legislative session, the Michigan Chamber will advocate:

  • Supporting state and federal efforts to enable employers to provide cost-effective health care benefits, expand flexibility, competition and choice in the health insurance marketplace and promote and improve employee health status, while opposing efforts to further tax insurance claims or premiums.
  • Opposing state and federal health insurance mandates and policy changes that ignore pricing differentials and/or the important role of the free market, especially in the area of benefit plan design, including benefit mandates, development of preferred networks, pharmacy management tools and wellness programs.
  • Reducing the most onerous burdens on job providers under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), including the employer mandate, while promoting states' flexibility to implement strategies to help rein in health care costs, improve quality coverage and services and expand meaningful coverage to the uninsured.
  • Retaining and adequately funding the Healthy Michigan Plan because it works to reduce the uncompensated care cost shift to private health insurance purchasers and helps employers avoid payment of "pay or play" penalties under Obamacare.

Chamber Staff Contact:
Wendy Block
Director of Health Policy & Human Resources
(517) 371-7678