Great Employees Don't Work Just for Pay. They Need Much More.

July 2, 2015

People work for two reasons. One is the paycheck, of course. But there’s another reason that is equally -- if not more -- important than a paycheck.

The thing is, we expect to be paid for that work. Pay is a given. And higher pay, while certainly nice, doesn’t automatically lead to higher levels of happiness, or fulfillment, or self-worth.

To truly care about their jobs – and your business – your employees need other things (assuming you pay at least close to the industry average for the job performed, to take low or high pay out of the equation).

  1. Provide opportunities for employees to achieve their personal goals.
    Everyone’s goals are different. . . but then again, in some ways not. Show me an employee who doesn’t love to take ownership of a project or initiative (and I’ll show you a person we don’t want to hire).
  2. Provide a unified vision.
    Everything you do in your organization attracts some people and repels others. That’s okay; you don’t really want employees who don’t embrace what you do and how you do it.
  3. Provide opportunities for ideas to flourish.
    One of the main attractions of working for an entrepreneurial company is the opportunity to turn ideas into reality. Employees with an entrepreneurial mindset like to move fast, create new things and make things happen.
  4. Show you genuinely care about each employee as a person.
    Every employee is different, and that means doing little things specific to that individual. Of course, that means actually knowing each employee as an individual, which requires building a relationship.

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