Governor Proposes 45-Cent-Per-Gallon Tax Increase to Fix the Roads

March 11, 2019

In her first budget presented last week, Governor Whitmer proposed increasing the state's gas tax from $.26 per gallon to $.45 per gallon.  

The Michigan Chamber agrees that more investment is needed to fix the roads. Either the Governor and legislative leaders reallocate current spending, raise revenue or do a combination of both. Borrowing money to pay for the roads is irresponsible and doing nothing is simply not an option. 

We commend the Governor for recognizing that increased investment in Michigan's infrastructure is badly needed; we are thankful she put out a proposal to accomplish that. While it might not be the plan that ultimately gets adopted, it is a plan. We urge lawmakers to recognize that state government must be bold and we look forward to working with them to solve this problem.

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