Right to Work in Michigan

The Issue:

In March of 2013, Michigan became the nation’s 24th Freedom to Work (Right to Work) state. The Michigan Chamber was pleased to work with Governor Snyder, Senate Majority Leader Richardville, House Speaker Bolger and their pro-reform colleagues to push this legislation across the finish line.

Where We Stand:

The Michigan Chamber supports Freedom to Work because it is good public policy that will protect all employees from being forced to join a union and pay dues against their will. Freedom to Work legislation does not prohibit a union's right to exist or prevent collective bargaining - it just gives every employee the ability to decide for themselves if joining or financially supporting a union is the right choice for them.

Staff Contact: 
Wendy Block
Director of Health Policy & Human Resources
Legislative Proposals: 

During the 2011-2012 legislative session, the Michigan Chamber supported legislation to protect Michigan's right-to-work law from being repealed. We are pleased to report that both Senate Bill 116 and House Bill 4003 were passed and signed into law as Public Act 348 of 2012 and Public Act 349 of 2012, respectively.  


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