First few weeks on the job critical to employee retention

October 9, 2014

The first few weeks on the job cement an image of your company in the mind of your new employee.  What do you want that image to be and who do you want to be crafting it?  New employees will naturally seek out information to form an understanding of your corporate culture, how they fit into it and whether or not they made a good decision in coming to work for you.  

An effective orientation and onboarding process is the key. It is, however, often underutilized. It is rarely an intentional act, but rather a lack of time and/or resources that leads to new employees fending for themselves after the basic new hire paperwork has been completed.  A poorly developed orientation program can increase the odds of a qualified hire seeking employment elsewhere in short order, further perpetuating your lack of time and resources.  

So, it’s worth the investment to take a step back and make sure that your current employment practices are aligned with ‘who’ you are as an organization and that your expectations are clearly communicated to staff so that they see ‘how’ they fit and can quickly begin contributing to the team and your culture.  Only then will you start to reap the benefits of successful employment relationships that endure over the long run.

Contributed by Jodi Schafer of Human Resource Management Services, LLC.

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