Find, Recruit & Hire the Best Candidates

April 13, 2018

Non-disclosures and confidentiality agreements don’t always prevent information from reaching the internet. In today’s world of lightning-fast information transmittal through social media and the internet, potential employees can get a significant amount of information about your organization from many sources. 

Some websites have an emphasis for describing companies’ cultures and how they are as employers. One such website is where employees and former employees provide information and rate employers. This means that the poorly-handled situations in your organization, the blow-ups that cause disruption, and the issues that cause people to quit or get fired, can very easily end up on this website. 

Employers can try to hide these bad situations through non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, but they often find their way into the public forum anyway. Usually posting is done anonymously, so you have no way of knowing who posted the information or how it was obtained. 

This is just another example of why you need to hire good people, especially good HR people, and that you need to treat employees well. This will give you the recruitment edge and people will want to work for you.

Contributed by Steve Muth, owner of HR Bones, a Human Resources consulting and training firm.