Filing Deadline for 2016 State House Races is April 19th

March 21, 2016

Are you considering running for State Representative in 2016? If so, make sure you have your filing form turned in by April 19th at 4:00pm. This election year, all 110 State House seats will be up for grabs, but 41 of them will be “open seats” due to term limits or the current incumbent choosing not to seek re-election. 

Michigan has been dubbed ‘the Comeback state,’ and we are on the right path, but there is more good work to be done. With this being an election year and as we look towards the future of public policy formation, Michigan would benefit greatly with the involvement of more job providers serving in the Legislature. It is clear that Michigan is doing better, but we continue to face complex problems and developing the right solutions requires dedicated citizen activists who are willing to serve. 

When ideas are being debated that will have a monumental impact on our families, communities and businesses, we must have legislators speaking up who have a background in business and understand the full weight of a bigger, more burdensome government. Many good legislators will be termed out of office and we need to replace them with the next generation of job-providers turned legislators. We need you! 

If you are currently serving in public office (at any level), seeking public office or simply want to learn more about what it takes to run a campaign, please contact Brad Hantler at or (517) 371-7640.