Examples of Training & Mentoring Programs

April 27, 2015

Employee development is modified to fit the position, industry, job duties and employees’ career plans. Likewise, different forms of training are better suited for certain jobs, such as apprenticeships for skilled trades and mentoring and onboarding for professional occupations. Training or mentoring programs are flexible in terms of time and amount of instruction they provide. Commonly, apprenticeships and onboarding are for shorter, defined periods. Job shadowing and mentor-mentee relationships can support continuous employee development over an extended period.

  • Onboarding
    Onboarding is an example of training for newly hired management level employees. This training can last several weeks and consists of interaction with various departments and colleagues.
  • Apprenticeship
    When a seasoned employee teaches a relatively inexperienced worker how to perform job functions, it’s on-the-job training or an apprenticeship. This is usually skill-based training that involves learning processes or procedures for technical positions or jobs that require knowledge and expertise in the trades, such as building, construction or cosmetology.
  • Job Shadowing
    One of form of job shadowing involves two similarly experienced workers with an interest in each other’s function area of expertise. An example of a job shadow pairing might consist of two human resources specialists in separate disciplines: one an expert in compensation and benefits, and the other an expert in employee relations.
  • Mentoring
    The pairing between an accomplished executive and an aspiring professional is called a mentor-mentee relationship. These are not always formal relationships -- they can be very informal, as a matter of fact.

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