Improve Michigan's Regulatory Climate

Promoting the wise use of natural resources is a high-priority issue for the Michigan Chamber because we must remain focused on the goal of making Michigan an ideal place to do business. Critical changes have been accomplished, but more work remains. A firm commitment to restructuring the regulatory bureaucracy and enhancing stakeholder input will assure Michigan continues to move forward in this area.

During the 2015-2016 legislative session, the Michigan Chamber will advocate:

  • Further improving the environmental rulemaking process to provide stakeholders with a more substantive role.
    • Establishing an environmental rules committee
  • Implementing the Office of Regulatory Reinvention’s Environmental Rules Committee’s recommendations regarding air and water issues.
  • Reforming the Department of Environmental Quality’s budget process and funding mechanisms to increase transparency, accountability and sustainability.
    • Evaluating long-term solutions for fees expiring in 2015-2016
  • Ensuring the continued streamlining of the brownfield and cleanup programs. 

Chamber Staff Contact:
Jason Geer
Director of Energy & Environmental Policy
(517) 371-7673